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Terms & Conditions for Tincknell Fuels

Automatic Delivery Service Terms and Conditions

The information that you supply, together with your delivery history and our systen logging the daily temperature allows us to gauge the amount of fuel that you are using. In addition to this information we build in a tolerance to guard against running out of oil.

As part of our Automatic Delivery service our commitment to you is to ensure that your tank is topped up, when required, so you don't run out of fuel. However it is important to emphasise that this may not always be when the price is at its best or at a time that is best for you.

For this system to remain as accurate as possible we require:

1. All deliveries must fill the tank. You are unable to specify a quantity or limit the size of your order.

2. All deliveries to be made by us (Tincknell Fuels Ltd). Deliveries from other suppliers would lead to an incomplete delivery history, therefore leading to a potential run out.

3. All deliveries are accepted.

4. If you have an oil fired cooker, you must indicate whether your cooker is on all year round or if you turn your cooker off in the summer.

5. That you keep us informed of any changes that may alter your fuel consumption, ie; change of tank (especially tank size); change of boiler; removal of oil fired cooker;

In the event of a run out, if any of the above conditions have not been kept, you may be responsible for any costs incurred as a result.

It is essential that we are informed if you are moving from the property. This will avoid unwanted deliveries which you would be responsible for.