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Tincknell Supreme Gas Oil

Change to Tincknell Supreme Gas Oil

In recent years the specification of Gas oil has been changed, resulting in a high content of FAME. During the same period manufacturers of farm machinery have designed the vehicles to run on fuel with a higher cetane number than contained by Gas oil. Due to these factors many farmers are finding they need an additive for the fuel to keep their machinery running at its most efficient. Tincknell Supreme Gas oil already contains an additive to help solve these problems.

What are the benefits of Tincknell Supreme Gas Oil?

  • Enhances specification of Gas Oil to EN590 (Derv)
  • Specification meets manufacturers requirements
  • Lower fuel consumption
  • Easier starting
  • Better pulling power
  • Reduces visable emissions
  • Smoother running
  • Better protection
  • Prevents carbon build up, helps keep injectors clean & prevents them sticking
  • Reduces sludge and fuel tank contamination
  • Fewer water problems